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It seems that the rules are quite clear on who

should be making out-of-bounds calls and disc

down calls: the player with the best perspective.

However, the rules make no equivalent statement

regarding who should determine whether or not a

catch was made in the end-zone (as opposed to

in the field of play but not in the end-zone). Is

this an ommission in the 10th edition or did I

miss something?

We had this debate the other night: player with

the disc makes the call vs. best perspective. It

seems to me that the player with the best

perspective should make the call but it is moot

unless the receiver "acknowledges" that he or she

is in.


Ok, first off I don't think that the receiver's need to acknowledge the point will affect who is able to make the call. If the debate is wether they are OB or in the endzone, it's definitely best perspective, but the receiver still has to acknowledge the point.

Though it doesn't specifically say that the player with the best perspective makes the call, I think that we could all agree that when the 10th Ed says that when determining IB/OB it is best perspective, it means that when determining line calls, best perspective makes the call.

That being said, no it doesn't specifically say it. Though it also doesn't say specifically who can make the call, therefore anybody can call it.

Common sense would dictate to me that if somebody is standing with a good perspective on the line and they tell me I'm in or out, I'll listen to them.

Of course anytime there is a discussion/debate, there's the old standby: back to thrower. This really should be acceptable to all parties even if you *know* you were in, regardless of what's at stake (point/game/championship of Tuesday 3/etc).

I agree that it would seem that the player with the best perspective would make the call. Also, the receiver can acknowledge the point if s/he wants, but if they're not in the endzone, it's still no point. (And if they start walking away while you can see that they're not in, call a travel.)

However, if the debate is whether or not the receiver is in the endzone, I don't think that sending it back to the thrower is necessary. It's clear that a catch was made, so if anything, the play should resume with the new thrower on the goal line. Another thing to keep in mind is that if there's an extended discussion of in/out (an event that stops play according to VIII.D.1), then players must maintain their positions and a check is required to restart play. It's super cheap to be in the middle of a discussion then suddenly say "OK, it's not a goal" then immediately drop the disc in the hands of a player who has wandered over two feet in front of you.

Thank you, Gin-boh...that's my single biggest pet peeve in ultimate.

A check means that the defence Must signal readiness before the offence can put the disc back into play after some type of stoppage.