Fall Masters Pickup Thursdays at Winona

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WARNING: This is a non-VUL generated post and is in no way attached the league,
its permits, staff or board.

Up until a few years ago, there was a tradition of masters' (over 30-ish) fall pickup
at Winona, starting in late Aug and running until the sun was no more, usually the
Thanksgiving weekend, but a couple of years people played until like November.
Better eyes than mine.

Anyway, it was a lot of fun. So we're going to do it again.

Starting Thursday, August 30, at whichever Winona field is available. The earlier
the better - we'll aim for 5:30 but people tend to wander in pretty much any time
beyond that.

Ulti if we have critical mass, goaltie if we have a kit, box if not, and throwing if
there's just two or three of us.

No reg, no commitment. Just be there.

Tell all your old friends.

Late bump - it's sunny. Come play