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Hi, I'm Jaki, I'm a little late joining the league and I'm looking for a team to join.
I'm a newbie to ultimate, but used to play quite a bit of soccer and am a quick learner.
I'm 24 years old and new to the city. I'm looking to join a team that likes to play hard and go out and have a drink after games.

if you're still looking, i have a team on thursday that could use 1 more player. we have a few new players so you'd fit right in. you can send me a reply using the email link below. jason

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Hi Jaki,

We're looking for a few females to join our Div 7 Wednesday team, Huck it Out. We play tonight (Weds, May 7th, 6pm) @ Rupert field, if you'd like to join us! Thanks,