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Hey, I'm a newbie that's looking to have some fun and get out there and play this summer. I've never played ultimate, but I'm a fast learner and I would love to give it a go! If anyone is looking for another female player for Tues nights, pls reply.


If you live or work anywhere east of main st. you should consider the burnaby league as well. There's lots of new players in the league as well as experienced players to learn from and the co-ordinator will be happy to put you on a team.

Check it out at


Yeah, I'll vouch for the Burnaby League for being an awesome place to play ultimate. And, you can't beat their fields at Burnaby Lake. So, in general, the suckatude in the Burnaby League is at a minimum.

Hi Samantha-

We have a team of new folks (with some vets) and would love to have out join us. We play on tuesday's and our team is questionable sushi. You can mail the capitan via the team page. I hear he is offering free beer for your first week!!



Thx a lot ash, I did email the captain so here's hoping I'll be playing with you guys shortly!

Hey we need girls. We play tuesday and our team name is NICE CAKE. Let me know via e-mail dembury@hotmail.com.