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oooo how exciting eh?

Okay, so basically my name is Sarah, I live in Richmond, I play ultimate with the Outkasts on Tuesday nights, but I'm looking to get more field experience because a) I love the game and b) I want to improve my motor functions...j/k that would be my skills of course *wink*.

So if you need a pickup, or an extra female player or whatever for any local events/games/tourneys (I don't have my own car so it's tough for me to go really really far away) I'd be happy to participate so long as i have about 5 days notice beforehand! :)


p.s. i'd basically be a spare and I'd make sure that the Outkasts are my first team choice, but other than that I'm pretty easygoing... um oh yah and I'm good with Zone defence among other things. cool. I'm done.

The Outkasts are a Tuesday team...

--> "The Outkasts are a Tuesday team... " <--

<whisper to Krusty> ... pssst... I think she mentioned that ...

emd By emd

Our team, the Vermicious Knids, seems to be running short of females. We would definately appreciate some help! We are a Monday Div 4 team.

Please use the email link to send me an email.

LoL, oops.

Apparently my eyesight is failing.

Thanks Mort

Hey Sarah,

Just letting you know... I'm watching you... traitor! *ahem* No but seriously, leave our team and we'll track you down and get on our hands and knees and start crying and begging u to come back to us... somehow that didn't come off as intimidating as I thought it would. :(

ha ha ha! I'm sooooo scared Jon! I dont' knwo WHAT to do with myself :P Don't worry, I'm no traitor *wink wink* I just like to "explore my horizons" and "play the field" or "check out other opportunities"

Hehh he, I love euphemisms. :)

Jon: you should be studying. Stop slacking off.

Sarah: ignore Jon :-P

Hey Sara,

For what it's worth, a (small) bunch of us have been trying to meet on Sundays in Richmond for a little pick up...we have been playing around 4:30 at the London/Steveston highschool fields, just west of Gilbert on Williams...last week it didn't happen, but we might be gearing up again this weekend so if you're interested, give me a shout!



I'd liek to do the Sunday thing for sure! I'm not working, and my rehersal with the band is over at 3 sometimes 3:30, so that would be a great time to huck a disc :)

Hey Sarah,

this isn't exactly 5 days notice, but we have two games tonight (Monday) at Jericho West and are running desperately short on females. If you feel like coming out, send me an e-mail at tdk_dude@hotmail.com. Oh, and we play zone.