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Who do we contact about getting fields mowed?

The grass at Killarney was over 6 inches long on some parts!

It also had a couple of large 6 inches deep, 1 foot diameter holes.

We had to use triangular cones rather than just spare discs to mark them.

Contact me and I will talk to the Parks Board. They do field checks but we can assist in the process by zeroing in on problem fields.

In their defence, mowing happens in a scheduled rotation but the weather doesn't, so sometimes at a field grows like crazy before they get to it again.

I think it's more important to remove Jericho E as one of the fields for the VUL. It has gotten to the point that we need to have 5+ marker discs on the field. We also found a hole that was approx. one ft deep on the west field (in the north endzone once your cones are set up. Please watch out for it.)

It is really troublesome to not only stop play because of rolled ankles, but disruptive to teams to now have to deal with teammates who are injured.

Agree with faithk9. Though the bunnies are cute and I'd miss them.

The PB has left a pile of soil for users to liberally apply to holes as they see fit. Tell players that a "hole timeout" is a valid call at Jericho.

Seriously though, I am frequent contact with the PB about Jericho, Killarney and Winona N and am haggling for replacement fields. These are in short supply though...

Thanks Speedo, we appriciate it. We had 5 stoppages (and injury subs) in 2 games on that field on monday. I actually would have appreciated if they left a pile of dirt and a shovel on the side... we would have (happily?) filled them in.....

Just a note, parks board fields in general are being cut less often due to the citys budget shortfall. Part of the cuts went to grass cutting.