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I'm looking to buy flash flight discs. Can't seem to find any for sale here so if anyone has any that they would be willing to sell, (at a reasonable price) i would love to get my hands on them.

* Just for those who don't know, its not the glow in the dark discs im talking about its the ones with batteries and have colored lights in them.

I saw it in an outdoor equipment store on boardway before. It is at the corner of Columbia and Boardway (opposite to MEC).


They also sell them at KMS Tools in Coquitlam, right across from the IKEA. Or at least they use to have some.

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If you're willing to cross the border, they're carried at R.E.I. (located in Bellingham as one of the closest stores) for a reasonable price.

please support playulty.com and buy them from there.

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Anyone know of a local Vancouver store where a person could pick up a flashflight disc?


PS: resurrecting a thread after almost 8 years!!

You could try Abbies at Main & 33rd: http://www.abbiessports.com/

I've got mine from a toy store on Granville Island.