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Hi, I was at Trafalgar Park for a Junior ultimate team practice on July 27, 2011.
The practice ran from 4-6 pm.

In my hurry to catch the bus, I wore my cleats to the station and forgot brown flip flops there. I forgot the brand name but it's durable, brown and has a tree-like logo as a design. They are size 9.

I checked the park the day after and they were not there.

My teammates said that they could not locate the flip-flops so I'm thinking someone from the VUL may have taken them because I know they play there at 6 pm, right after my practices.

If anyone knows anything about the flip-flops or know about the VUL teams playing there/contact info, that would be great!

Contact info:

Rob By Rob

Man, you have all the details covered. You are totally ready to lose your flipflops next week.

Do you mean the 20th?

......Whoops. Why did I say 27, that's not even a Tuesday..

I meant the 19th, sorry.