For the cyclists...

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Gist of the story is

1) Cyclist and taxi driver argue
2) Taxi driver rams taxi into cyclist, pinning him against a pole
3) Taxi driver drives away.
4) Cyclist loses leg in ER
5) Taxi driver claims "attempted robbery". Cyclist says road rage.

Hopefully that guy will get charged with aggravated assault/attempted murder/whatever. Just brutal. I've had a few run-ins with taxis myself, but I guess I have to count myself fortunate to still be intact.

Attempted murder should def. be the charge laid.

pet peeve: drivers (and bikers) who shortcut roundabouts and don't go around the 'about'. You
can't see far enough down the road to prevent an accident. I've almost been hit a bunch of times
by dumbasses doing this.

Sad fact: Historians will look at the Auto Age (roughly turn of the century to somewhere in the
next few decades) with bemusement.