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..My new question is, at what point during a stall count must the foul be called??

Example--Handler has disc...His mark proceeds with "stall 1, stall 2, then commits foul. Can I wait until stall 5 to decide on whether to call a foul or not?

Thanks, DJF

All calls must be made immediately.

XVI.I.3) A foul can only be called by the player who has been fouled and must be announced by

loudly calling out the word "Foul!" immediately after the foul has occurred.

XVI.J.2) A violation may be called by any player who recognizes that a violation has occurred,

unless specified differently elsewhere. The player must immediately call "violation" or the name

of the specific violation loudly.

Emphasis on the "IMMEDIATELY" !

As above. You do not have the option of recognizing a travel on stall 2 then calling it when you get broken for the score on stall 8.

I also have to comment on Slurm's stall count ...

It's not "stall 1, stall 2, stall 3, ..." You don't say "stall" each time, just once, as in "stalling 1 ... 2 ... 3 .. " etc.

Craig's absolutely right, but you are allowed to say "stall" between each number, if you really

desire. You're just

literally wasting your breath.

As long as you start with the word "stalling" then a one second break and there's 1 second

between the start of each number, you can say nothing or anything you want in between the

numbers (stall, steamboat, bumblebee, antidisestablishmentarianism, etc).

I prefer to inhale between numbers, as it lets you catch up on your breathing so much faster.

One year at pumpkin pull we said "Spare some change buddy 1... spare some change buddy 2...."

By the time the disc was up we didn't have enough breath to keep up with our checks!