Foul or No Foul Again

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Hi By Hi

Disc is up in the end zone.

D player begins backing up into the O player. O player stands position and uses his forearm to protect his position. D player jumps up and backwards into the O player, but cannot advance. O player then jumps to complete the pass. D player calls foul.

This is probably the most common foul and is often contested. Should it just be a foul to be contested?

Generally any time somebody is not looking where they are going and runs into a stationary
opponent, they are guilty of a foul.

It is everybody's responsibility to avoid all contact: "XVI.H) Fouls (II.E): It is the
responsibility of all players to avoid contact in every way possible."

That means that it's generally not acceptable to 'stand your ground' when you see an impact
coming. Though, I'd say putting your arm up to preserve your personal space when there is
only a potential or slow-speed bump imminent is never a foul.

I'm not sure ultimately what you're asking, but I agree this is a common scenario. Remember
that from a physics standpoint running backwards into a stationary person feels pretty much
identical to being run into from behind. I think this is why it's so often contested. When it
happens to me (I'm the stationary person), I just say "I was standing still and you ran into
me". If they want to continue to call Foul or Contest, so be it, BTT.