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Hi there,
This scenario played out in a match last week and I wanted to find out if I made the correct call.

I am the O player in the scenario.

O is running for a long pass into the D endzone. D player steps on O player's foot, accidental not on purpose. Asa result O player trips preventing an attempt to make a play for disc. O player calls foul.

Is this the correct call?

Your scenario certainly sounds like a foul to me. Remember that all fouls are assumed to be
accidental (because intentional fouling is cheating).

II.E) Foul: Non-incidental (II.H) contact between opposing players. In general, the player
initiating the contact has committed the foul.

II.H) Incidental contact: Contact between opposing players that does not affect continued

So if the contact affected your continued play, it's a foul. Note that affecting "continued play"
doesn't necessarily mean affecting the "outcome of the play". A foul can affect "continued
play" without affecting the "outcome of the play". Only when resolving where play should
restart do you look at whether an infraction affected the "outcome of the play". See the
continuation rule (XVI.C) for more details.