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Let's say you are running down the field to catch the long huck. Un-beknownst to you, your fellow player is also running to make a play on the disc.

She collides into you (because you were both watching the disc), and neither of you catch the disc.

Is this a foul?

No, of course not. Imagine if it were! That's called terrible O.

II.E) Foul: Non-incidental (II.H) contact between opposing players. In general, the player
initiating the contact has committed the foul.

Now there's an argument for stopping play with a Dangerous Play call so you can prevent further
Dangerous Play, but the outcome of the play would never be changed.

So it is a turn-over....if she was on the other team, I imagine that a foul could be called, no?

It would be a turn over, as the play was not completed.
As for it being a foul on the opposing player if you were on opposite teams... If neither of you were looking where you were going then I don't know if one is more responsible than the other.
Someone more knowledgeable than myself wish to weigh in?

Well, sure you 'could' call a foul, but whether it's a valid call would really depend on the unique details of the situation. Considerations would include who ran into whom, did both collide with each other, were both players moving to the same unoccupied space, was it or should it have been avoidable, was the contact before or after the outcome was known, ... and all sorts of other unlnown details.

But if you're looking for us to say that this other player shouldn't have run into you, you're in the right and it's completely their fault... well, this is probably a conversation you'll need to have with this other player. I don't think any of us will be telling you that.