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In our game last night a receiver and defender were close beside one another. The receiver was thrown a dump pass and bobbled the disc such that it popped about a foot (30 cm) above her hands. Immediately the receiver and defender competed for the popped up disc. The defender swatted the disc away about the same time as the receiver raised her hands to try and catch it. There was no body on body contact however their forearms collided. The defender played only the disc and got her hand to the disc first and swatted it. However the receiver called a foul because at the same time she was obstructed in getting her hands up to the disc. What is the proper call here? Do the two players have equal rights to the disc once it is bobbled. The teams agreed on back to thrower as no one could think of (or remember) rules defining this situation.

It actually sounds like you resolved the situation correctly, if my understanding of the events
it correct based on your post. By "correctly" I mean that there was a disagreement, so the
play was done over.

Any time the disc is not under the control of a player, it's fair game for anybody. (Neglecting
a disc on the ground or a pull...) After the intended receiver bobbled it there is absolutely
nothing wrong with a defender attempting to catch or block the disc. However, the regular
rules for fouls also apply - if there was contact that affected the intended receiver's play on
the disc, and if the intended receiver had a legitimate chance at catching the disc, it is a foul.
(It is irrelevant that the defender "played only the disc," presumably meaning that they didn't
intend to contact anything else.)

If the defender doesn't believe that they made contact, or that it occurred after the disc was
out of play etc, then "contest" would be a fair call. However, If the defense believed that the
contact affecting the receiver's play did occur, but that they didn't mean to make contact,
that is not reason to contest the call.

However, I hope that you all agreed to a do-over before the argument became too

i have a somewhat related question. what if in this situation, the defender managed to swat the disc first, legally, but the receiver tried to reach up a bit late and made contact with the defender.

would this be legal since the disc was already swatted before the contact therefore the contact didnt affect the outcome?

i guess this would be during 50/50 ups or something like it where players dont plow into anyone.

Aaron, if the contact occurred after the outcome was already determined, the contact didn't affect the play, which by definition is incidental and not a foul. (... assuming that dangerous play isn't a consideration)

Or said another way, if the person contacted wouldn't have had a play on the disc whether contacted or not, their play wasn't affected, and it's not a foul. Which is what your question seems to be.

For the situation in the original post, it sounds like this might be an example of two players vying for the same position, which in itself is considered incidental and not a foul. (11th Ref: XVI.H.2)