Found: DigiCam in a Trash Pile at Elim 8s

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A Sony digital camera was found in a blue

cloth bag in the middle of a large scattering of

trash at the top of the hill between the bottom

and middle fields at Winona on July 1st.

This was the area that the team

Discorganization habited for most of the day,

and the camera contains pictures of the two

games that Discorganization played that

morning. I'm assuming it belongs to somebody

from that team, but perhaps not.

In your haste to leave several drink bottles, a

half-dozen slurpie straws, plastic bags,

wrappers, athletic tape, etc, etc, etc, you must

have mistakenly left behind your camera.

Granted it was hard to see amongst the various flotsam and jetsam. If my team hadn't

cleaned up after you, we would never have

noticed the camera for all the garbage left


Let me know if the camera is yours.

You should hold it for ransom until the team collects an entire bag of garbage from the city's parks. Or maybe throw it in the bottom of a dumpster, tekll them where the dumpster is and let them go through other peoples crap to get it back.

Hi, Kyle Here,

Yes it is from team...

gimme a shout at 778-773-5975 or email me

and i don't think that the trash is ours....bottles yes, not so much on the slurpees


dude where are you?????


Have you two really *not* hooked up yet?

mO By mO

lol, hooked up....OoOoOOo...

mebbe Mr. Temple doesn't want to see you...maybe, he wants to see you and your team pick up trash first! OoOoOO....

I'm just happy I found my cone...I'm so giddy now....

Kyle, let me tell you how this lost and found thing works. Somebody finds a lost item, they

post it, and the person that lost it comes and retrieves it from the person that found it.

I was travelling a lot in the fall, but I told you when I would be back, and offered that my

girlfriend would arrange to be home whenever you came by.

If you're expecting me to do any more than tell you when and where you can pick it up, and

carry it in my ulty bag for 9 months, and offer that my girlfriend can arrange to be home to

meet you while I'm travelling, you need your head examined.

I read your hypocritical post above on Saturday night before playing at Winona C (where I

cleaned up your team's trash and found the camera). I had to convince myself not to leave

the camera sitting where I found it and wash my hands of you.

I've replied to the several emails that Alex Tse and you Kyle have sent about this camera

with information of where I am and when. Both Alex and Kyle have my email (and have had

it since July 12th), please stop sending emails to various people in the league asking for my

contact info so you can get your camera back.

The last email I replied to about this was December 26th, where I told Alex Tse when I was

available. I have had no response.

My offer stands. I'm Downtown just about every single day and evening. Let me know when

you can pick it up.

Kyle, every interaction I've had about this issue had made me wish I threw your camera away

with all that trash so long ago.

Despite having regularly replied to your emails telling you when and where I would be

available to have you pick up the camera, I'm still getting people emailing me trying to 'get

in touch with me', because you've been whinging to them about the affair.

Please put the word out to the network of people you've mis-informed:

A) That despite your complete lack of proactivity in retrieving it, you've finally gotten your

camera back.

B) To stop contacting me about the issue.


PS: Despite the lack of thanks, you're welcome, you ungrateful, littering, pain.

Emailed in response but anyone other than myself or alex who has emailed you is totally outside my control.

Case Closed, please leave craig alone.

Deleting posts in this thread calling me out and ignoring the 3 other people you had contact me

is all part of your revisionist

history I see.

Ok honestly, i only know about Mark and Alex. anyone else i don't know about.

i know its gonna be a while...and u probably hate my guts...but can we just let this go now?