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Chasing Sarasota, a full length ultimate movie about Rhino, the portland men's ultimate team is screening on tuesday night at 7:30 at Pacific Cinematheque. Tickets are $10 or so at the door. The movie, judging by the trailer, is quite well produced, has some cool slow motion stuff going on, and involves emotional pleas for greatness. Furious George is also featured heavily in the movie as the bad guys, as we are the team that has been in their way to go to Sarasota, where the USA Championships are held every year. Click the link to see the trailer!

Thanks for all your support!

Nick Menzies
Furious George

Wow, sounds so awesome! I am coming for sure and bringing all my friends!
Can't wait to see everyone there!! Cheap ticks too! Totally worth seeing a movie
about ultimate!