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It's that time of year again! No not Dailight Savings time (although you might want to turn your clocks back one hour on the 29th...)

It's the 4th Annual Mr. & Mrs. Ultimate auction!!! Details are as follows:

WHERE: It will take place at the Highland Pub at Simon Fraser University (8888 University Drive, Burnaby)

WHEN: on November 3rd at 7:30pm.

WHY: To fundraise for our club so we can buy new cones, new discs and of course go on tournaments without having to give up our body parts or first born children to pay for them.

We are looking for past/present SFU Students (ulti players and none ulti players) as well as non SFU affiliated people who are still interested in supporting our club.

Come out for what is always a good time and a chance to bid on some really... really... rediculously... good looking people. Bare in mind that bidding will require you to actually HAVE the money you wagered, and no we don't take VISA/MAstercard or Debit. There will also be door prizes, a 50/50 draw and a DJ!

Tickets will be $5 in advance and $10 at the door.

Contact Sarah Cawston-Stewart (that's me) at with questions and of course to reserve tickets.

Hope to hear from you soon!

maybe you could include a WHAT section.


... or the 6th "W"... HOW.

Okay, maybe that's an "H", for 5 W's and 1 H... but then I contend that in 'who' the 'w' is silent and we hear the 'H', so it's really 4 W's and 2 H's.

Regardless, it has a 'w' in it, so 6 W's it is!

And they all have an "H" as well! Sweet! :)

I'm really sorry I posted this in the wrong there anyway I could move this whole post? lol again, my appologies!!! If possible I'd like to move this somewhere more socially related

okay so apparantly I wasn't allowed to leave out WHO or WHAT ... rolls eyes

WHO: Simon Fraser University CLAM ultimate frisbee club

WHAT: Fundraiser and team member auction

any other questions?

mO By mO

Ya, is Kevin being auctioned off? Cause I'd like to put him up for auction please...I'll settle for some kind of trade, or maybe I'll just donate him to your cause....

Are you trying to get rid of him, mO? ... and does he *know* about this?

Or is he still cowering in shame over your mastery of rules discussions?

--> any other questions? <--

um, ya... you forgot HOW ... again.

I'm hurt.

mO By mO

actually, how isn't one of the five Ws. it was just added once you got into grade 12, college, uni etc.etc...or a reporter...

and i'm not gettin rid of him!!! im just donating him to a good cause. you got to admit, he's a pretty good catch...he's got a job at one of the big 4....i know im not suppose to be telling everybody on the forum, but im so proud of him!!!

anyways...he's not mad at me for knowing the rules better than him (we established that i knew them better than him)...i think he's just annoyed that i had a whole forum to back me up :)