Furious George vs NexGen College All-Stars

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Furious vs NexGen All-Stars (Event link below)
Thursday, Aug 23 6:30 pm
Klahanie Park, North Vancouver – Just over the Lion’s Gate bridge
Admission: $10 adults, $5 students

The NexGen tour is coming back to Vancouver this Thursday in another exciting matchup against
Furious George. The NexGen tour is made of the best college players and has been travelling around
in their team bus playing the best men’s teams in North America. They currently have a 10-2 winning
record and most recently beat San Francisco’s Revolver, the most recent world champions.

Come out and support both Furious and this tour in the Vancouver stop of ultimate’s most polished,
spectator-friendly series to date.

Anyone go? What happened?


How much would you pay to see top level Ultimate?

Could the Pacific Northwest support an 8 team division of the AUDL?

2 Teams in Vancouver
2 Teams in Seattle
1 Team in Portland
3 Teams in Northern California

Why not?


According to the AUDL website, the NW division (2014 expansion) will
include Vancouver (sold already), Seattle (sold already), Missoula,
Spokane, Portland (sold already), Eugene, Tri-Cities, and Boise. Also in
the west for 2014 is San Francisco (sold already), Salt Lake City (sold
already), San Jose (sold already), Denver (sold already), Las Vegas (sold
already), Los Angeles, San Diego, and Phoenix.

Oh sure, look stuff up and gain knowledge. Show off.

Still, the question is can the NW (or the West) support this.

Seattle & Tri-Cities? Spokane? It seems like Sockeye and FUrious might be dominating this division somewhat, assuming they are interested in playing.

And Sold in Vancouver, to whom? Anyone know?

Is this the greatest thing to ever happen to Ultimate? The Worst? In the end will it matter?

Assuming the Refs are paid, seems like that would be the best gig. You don't have a financial stake in a dubious business model, get paid no matter what the gate is (get your money up front yo!) and don't need to run wind sprints! Too bad about the Zebra shirts.

and once again, how much would someone pay to go see a Vancouver vs Spokane game at Thunderbird Stadium? $10? I would have trouble putting up $20 to see that.


Sold to the same people that own the Toronto Rush ;)

Do we actually know that to be true, or is that just rumour?

Wait...the same group owns more than one team? What is this, the CFL?

I say that the forum mob should take over that team, I will put up $12.50 towards buying out the Toronto group. Think of the fun we could have debating the starting lineup...

Either that or we buy Spokane and relocate them to Burnaby!


I'd pay $10 as long as there were 10 yard penalties for flopping. Seen a
couple dubious calls on YouTube.