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In the VUL, can you sub in the 7th player with a male or female, providing that there are 3 of each gender on the field, without discussing it with the other captain.

Where does it state that you have to play 4 men and 3 women?

Yes, you're correct. You don't have to play 4 men at all but do need three women.

Under Home>League Info>Rules

VUL A.3) Teams must have at least 6 players, 3 of each gender, on the field in order to play.

You don't need 7 players.

You don't need to match the other team's gender.

It's not even slightly poor spirit to play 4 guys against 4 girls.


In my opinion it isn't very respectful of your own team to play one gender more than the
other if that first gender has fewer people. Example: If you've got 5 guys and 6 girls, I don't
think it's right to expect the girls to only play 3 on the line the whole game. Ditto if you have
an even number, mix up the ratios.

Two falls ago, I played a team that had 5 and 5 or so. Our team had 7 guys and 4 girls. The
other team demanded that we match 4 girls when they put 4 out. We refused, explaining that
there was no such rule, that it wasn't very spirited to expect our girls to run ragged while the
guys play less than half the game, etc. The other team was adamant though, but so were we,
we came to play, they don't get to dictate who has to sit. I had a rule-book (with the VUL
additions) that I leant to them. Let them keep it at their side-line the whole game, had them
come back to us if they found a rule to support. They never did, but they still believed we
were the jerks.

Sometimes there's no accounting for people.

You don't need to discuss it. You don't need to match up players. its simply put you must have at least three of each gender. The VUL isn't sexist. Sexy maybe but not sexist.