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How do you get started in this, i played soccer for years and have a need to start something new, any advice?

1) find someone to throw around with. work on your throws as much as possible 2) check out the rules and get the basics down. Get an idea for the flow of the game 3) come out to pickup on thurdays/mondays. Its pretty intimidating for new players (i would know) but everyones pretty nice, as long as you're out there to learn people are willing to teach 4) there will be a winter hat league starting up sometime. keep your eyes posted for that!

1) Learn the rules, the do's and the don'ts of Ultimate.

2) Stamina. You play soccer so you should be fine.

3) Find someone who knows what they're doing to show you how to throw the basic throws.

4) Practice.

5) Practice.

6) Practice.

7) Come watch pickup on Monday nights at Pt. Grey high school at 9pm. Thursday pickup is much slower.

8) Don't listen to mO.

9) Pay even less attention to Injured Ninja.

-jeremy (the good one) is a good place to start.

mO By mO

Hey! I resent point 8!


To start, it's definitely a plus if you could find someone who knows about ulti (in your circle of friends or maybe at pick-up) who can show you their P.O.V. on it. I find that one-on-one is always the best help.

Then, start going to games (either pick-up or hat in the winter) and keep an open mind. Ask people to help you, everybody will be willing to teach. I mean, we've all been there.

Go to some beginning clinics and get some more help. Clinics can teach you a lot, from mastering a certain throw to having some drills that you could do with your team.

Finally, remember to keep an open mind. Everybody has a different style of play, but ultimately it's all the same basics...and with time you'll find your own. Don't get frustated!! And don't ever hesitate to ask. Oh, and feel free to email me if you have questions, I'm always here to help!

Best of luck and hope to see you on the field soon!

The Sea Rat has a few good points, where few = 8. But I'd say his most important points are 3-6. You can have all the stamina you need, know the rules inside and out (sometimes to your detriment), and even go watch pickup, but unless you get your throws working, chances are you aren't going to have as much fun as you hope.

If you know people who play, there's a better than even chance they're going to want to throw a disc. Get out as much as you can and just throw it around. Your soccer background will take care of most of the rest of it.

Jeremy (the gooder one)

Through my personal experience, all you really have to do is show interest in the sport. This post was a great first step. At the beginning is fairly tough... It will take a while to learn the sport. Once you get past that point... You will be fine.

You have picked a great sport to get involved in, because it has one thing that all other sports do not have is "Spirit of the Game": Learn it and love it.

*I know that there are other unique points of the sport; however, I am pretty sure all the others spawned from 'Spirit of the Game'

Ditto on the know your throws advice. You'll have lots of opportunities to run and cut in a game, but you might only have a few chances to throw. The better your throws, the more likely you'll be thrown to, since your teammates won't be worried about what's going to happen after you catch the disc.

Wait until your check isn't looking at you, or try to get them to turn their back to you before deke-ing or making a turn on your cuts. It's a great way to get an extra step on the defence.

Watch the effective players who are the same physical type as you and emulate their style of play.