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I'm a C level player and I've been playing for just over one year now. I am looking for a team to play on for the Fall season on Sunday morning or afternoon. I know of a few other ladies who would like to join me and two guys. Hopefully there is a team out there that is still in need of filling their roster. Also I’m allot of fun and usually I end up being the loudest player on and off the field.

Would you be able to play on Saturday morning? We're looking for a few people if you're able to play at that time...


Blat! is looking for a few females and males to fill out it's roster for (hopefully) Sunday Morning. We're probably going to try for div 6 in the fall. Send me an email and we can see if this will work out.



The Desperate Peelers are looking for 2-3 women for fall league. We are a div. 5/6 team and playing saturday afternoon. My name is Aaron and my email is

Sorry Matty Saturday morning doesn't work for me. Thanks tho for your reply.


Thanks for your reply Dave. We are looking to play on Sunday. Please let us know any other info about the team if you can and maybe we could meet up for a practice or something.



Hi Gabi,

I'll send this to your email as well.

Blat is a fairly informal team, We've been around for a few years and gone through a few membership changes. This fall we've got people varying in skill from first official season playing to more than 7 years of experience. We are ( I think) a fun team to play with, who are more about playing the game than winning the game ( though that's nice too). Our man defense needs a bit of work probably because we mostly stick to zone ( but we're adaptable, and willing to switch up if things aren't working ). We're hoping to be placed into division 6 for the fall.

A few of our people are going back to school, some are recovering from pregnancy, and some just don't feel like playing in the fall. So we're looking to restock the ranks for the fall ( and beyond ?) at this point we need 3-4 more full time girls and 2-3 guys.

Our age range on the team is probably 24-30 if that makes a difference. and we come from a variety of backgrounds.

I'll email you with some more info, and hopefully try to set up a practice. it would be nice to see if it could work out.

(if you're someone other than Gabi looking at this forum post trying to find a team, and you're a guy attatched to a girl, or just a girl. or a girl with some friends, and it sounds like you may fit in, we may have space for you. email me.)

Hi Gabrielle,

I'm just following up with you about joining Blat for the fall on sunday mornings. I replied to your forum post, but haven't heard anything back.

you can reach me at dave_vul AT or 604-722-9660