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hmm By hmm

Looking to play turf. I have played regularily for the past 5 years. Looking to play competitively or for fun. Can committ for the whole season and am up for any challenge on the field.

You should have a look into the Burnaby league. They're playing both Monday (6-8pm) and Thursday (8-10pm) on turf.

I know drop-ins are welcome!

Hi there,

I'm trying to put together a team for Thursday nights, 9-11 pm. Right now, we have enough guys but only have 3 girls so far. Most of us have played together in summer and fall league the last few years, but only a couple people have played turf league. We could use a couple more girls if you're interested.


See update on the home page re. Thurs nights.

Cat By Cat

if you would like to join follow the details:

Hello winter leaguers!

So I signed us up for monday night turf league, with a skill level of 4, and under the name "ricardo villalobos" for obvious reasons.

You'll need to sign up to the team and sign the consent form @ (make sure you scroll to the turf league consent option)

Looking forward to meeting everyone.

we're scrambling last minute to get a team in for Monday and so far have 6 guys and 3 women, are you still looking for a team?

hmm By hmm

Yes, Yes, I'm still looking.

can you email me

Colin just emailed you at your hotmail address, or you can click on my email link below if you dont get the email