Good To Grow: Raising Food in BC's Cities

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This excerpt (see link) is from an interesting series of articles.. Enjoy..

Lots of Food, but for How Long?

BC's home-grown food supply is shrinking. Who's doing it better?

By David Tracey, Today,

In the city where I live, Vancouver, British Columbia, it has never been so easy to get food, any kind of food. You want a watermelon in January? Walk into the nearest supermarket. Complain about the prices if you must, but North Americans typically pay less than 15 per cent of their income to eat. That's half the percentage of some European nations. In poorer places, food often takes up more than 50 per cent of the family income.

But this glut of cheap food won't last if it's based on a false economy. Industrial agriculture doesn't pay the bills for the subsidized transportation network, to clean up its toxic runoff from fertilizers and chemicals, to bring life back into the topsoil it's stripping away, or to treat people for ill health from a dubious diet of "food products."

Ponzi schemes hold up no better in nature than they do in finance. Some day the real costs of our curious era in the cultural history of food will have to be paid. When that time comes, if one or all of the environment, energy and economic crises gets dramatically worse, will we still be able to feed ourselves?

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