Grandview Park Party on Sunday

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MOMENTUM MOMpop! Picnics: self-propelled fun for FREE

Please bring your friends and familee to MOMpop! #1 on Sun. May 23 (11am-5pm) in Grandview Park. Think about how you would like to participate...and PASS IT ON!


A summer series of FREE daytime activation festivals.

Featuring djs (with pedal-powered sound system where possible), live music, storytelling, activities for kids, art jams, movement and dance, idea exchange centres, barter booths, and whatever else participants and neighbors feel inspired to contribute (in a safe and respectful manner). Spontaneous, interactive, and low-overhead.


Throughout the summer of 2004, in well-trafficked and accessible public spaces.

FIRST EVENT: Sun. May 23rd, Grandview Park, 11am to 5 pm. Stage lineup (in no actual order): Jacob Cino, Kriyatrix, Corrior, Nils, Miss Bliss, Ra (?), Dinos, Rog erLee, Russell Shumsky's djembe jam, Flora faery vocal games, CRAvery & Flagskill (hiphop/c&w), and...oh my...

Next MOMpop!: Sunday June 13, a Bike Month event. Check website for further details...


Presented by The Momentum Society (publishers of MOMENTUM: The Magazine for Self-Propelled People, with support from Pedal Energy Development Alternatives ( and Tribal Harmonix(


To maintain and amplify the energy that MOMENTUM magazine brought to our city.

To introduce diverse elements of art, music, movement, social activism and community into a crucible to activate positive connections and growth.

To demonstrate appropriate technologies and initiatives which we can use NOW to reduce our ecological footprint: Bicycles, transit, pedal-powered machines, solar, wind and geothermal power, green architecture, water conservation, urban density as opposed to suburban sprawl, co-operative living, composting, recycling, and so much more.

To share wisdom and knowledge.

To celebrate this marvellous city in which we live, and to explore its potential.

To stir people out of apathy and bring joy and purpose to everyday life.

To give and receive FUN, for FREE.


We already have everything we need. Let's revel in the abundance we have RIGHT NOW, make use of the resources WE ALREADY HAVE IN OUR HANDS and stop expecting change to happen from without.

Because compassion and creativity will set us free.