Greenest City in the World?

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The COV's plan for short term, quick win actions they can take towards achieving this goal by 2020.

I'm compiling a list of comments and suggestions...feel free to contribute!

A Green Cone in every yard in the City!


Beware the potentially over-ambitious claims of the Green Cone. Some sites say you can put meat/bones/dairy in there, others say it should be used like a composter.

Have to wade in on this one - we've got independent studies, etc etc that show it works as it say. Happy to send it along to anyone who's interested.

I'm sure there are interested folk out there, myself included. Any chance you could post a link?

Looks like we've got some broken links. Try this -

I can post a few more when I'm back in town next week.

There've been over 50 trials, anywhere from one to three years each, in the UK in the last five years or so. All have been successful, and more than 30 local (from towns to counties of 3 million) authorities there either subsidize them or give them away.

A little closer to home, the Bluewater Recycling Association (, which deals with the waste of 20 municipalities in Southern Ontario, has been promoting them as the food waste solution for over fifteen years (there was a hiatus in there where they couldn't get them) ad reports Green Cones still working as they should aftre that many years in the ground.

I could go on....

I read this recently (see link) that seems to say that they're not so good for meat/bones/dairy. Seattle has a very similar climate to us, though England may be close as well.

That article describes how to use a Greencone as a composter, and for composting, you don't want to add meat. But the Greencone can and does work with meat, bones, etc.


Seattle began a program on its own about a decade ago, selling Green Cones as composters. If you read the instructions, they prescribe something completely different than the manufacturer, or anywhere else in the world. They also suggest buying two green cones, which from a sales perspective would be great, but they basically use them wrong. All of the studies and trials I mentioned were based on using the Green Cone as a complete solution for food waste.