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This is the politics forum, right? GR is running to be the Vision candidate for mayor.

There are some in the VUL that may have a progressive, green tilt and thus can possibly see themselves getting behind a mayor candidate like Gregor, and time is now to back up our concerns with action.

Here's his 'agenda for change':

1. Ending homelessness and fostering an "affordable housing boom."

2. Improving the quality of life of every citizen by targeting gridlock, pollution and public safety.

3. Making Vancouver the greenest city in the world.

4. Making Vancouver the "Creative Capitol" by working with entrepreneurs to foster a growth in media, technology, arts and sports start-ups and business.

Here's what to do:

if you're not a vision member, click the link and get a membership and vote for Gregor at the vision nomination meeting. Details at the link below. The deadline is May 15th so don't delay..!

How's his hammer?

Lefties don't throw hammers Speedo. They throw hammer and sickles!

Seriously tho, I'll be voting for whichever candidate takes their platform the furthest away from the 'vote for me because I'm not Sam' platform that seems to be a common thread with most of the candidates... and further, presents clear goals and concrete timelines rather than feel-good platitudes.

If anyone cares....

Gregor has the nicest hair.

Can't resist.

"2. Improving the quality of life of every citizen by targeting gridlock, pollution and public

Gridlock? Are you #*$(!@ kidding me? This guy's going to improve every citizen's lives, and
his number one target (hell even if it's top 100) is *gridlock*. Whoever wrote that into his
policy platform ought to be sneezed on by sick people every day for a fortnight.

Pander away Gregor.

Also, ending homelessness and fostering an "affordable housing boom". Booms are dictated
by money, you'll never get a boom by providing land (apartments etc) much cheaper than
market value. There's a reason why housing is so expensive in Vancouver, it's because so
many people want to live here. There's tons of affordable housing in BC, but you've got to go
pretty far from the 'preferred' areas to get it.

Right now the criteria of who gets to live where is based on money. I'd love to see a more
holistic view on the value of diversity and how it pertains to civic cultural health, but who's to
say that I shouldn't be able to have an apartment, but some other guy should? What criteria
should be used? Until that's defined, it's going to be who is willing to pay more.

Actually, I think the reason housing is so expensive is more complex than simply people wanting to live here. Off-shore ownership of mostly-empty condos is one reason, speculation is another (huge) reason. Good marketing by mortgage holders and the real estate industry (ie housing is the only investment worth making) is another.

One way to make things more affordable would be to make a certain amount of living space (X sq. ft per person in the household) property-tax free, with a sliding scale that hammers the empty condo and monster house owners good and hard for wasting space.

Of course the fed and prov gov'ts should be expanding co-op housing instead of shrinking it too, but then of course the free market would collapse and the heavens would rain frogs and serpents... or something.

To tackle gridlock we could attempt a similar method w/r/t vehicles. The bigger and more wasteful your penis extension, the more you have to pay for insurance.