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My team plays in an eight team division so our playoff games are played to seventeen with a half-time at nine. At the beggining of our playoff game our oponents pulled to us. They also scored the half-time point. After the half-time was over we were told that now we have to pull to them (i.e. new half so possesion / pulling roles are reversed). Is this an actual rule? We had no way of checking so we went along with it, but I would like to know whether we played it right.

There usually isn't a half-time in the VUL, but when there is:

VIII.A.3) The second half begins with a reversal of the initial choices.

I asked the LC for clarification on this some time ago. The answer was that, since many players
(and captains) in the VUL have likely never played with half-times, especially with a mirrored
half (where VIII.A.3 is observed) that it would be simpler to just treat the half like a time-out.
IF two teams are interested, they can play with a mirrored half.

I suppose that technically, since the VUL uses UPA v11 rules which include VIII.A.3, the halves
should be mirrored, but if that doesn't happen it's not the end of the world.

True enough.

Though Rules General Order #1 does apply here: If you don't know the rule, don't argue.

If somebody's telling you that the halves should be mirrored, and you have no idea, you should
accept the other person's assertion. Even if what they're saying turns out to be bull, you forfeit
your right to argue the rules if you don't know them.

Thanks for your responses everyone!