Happy Buy Nothing Day today

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The richest fifth of the worlds population consume four fifths of the worlds resources.

But doesn't that just mean that we'll just wait until tomorrow to buy it?

Why wouldn't it be something focused on lower consumption or higher re-use, rather than lower purchases? I realize that the underlying idea is to get people to think about consuming less, which I fully support, but that doesn't at all come across with the concept of "buy nothing".

I take it a step further, and do a significant amount of returning on Buy Nothing Day. I just got
back from two stores where I returned something. I'm now infused with a warm and fuzzy glow
with the knowledge that I've actually done something to help make the world a better place.

Seriously though, I agree with Mort, too many people kid themselves by doing token gestures
and placating their guilt or sense of responsibility. Whether you're actively helping our world or
not, at least be honest and accurate in your own self-assessment.

It is largely symbolic and an intellectual exercise, however, if you pack your own lunch today instead of buying it, or forgo the $5.00 latte, you probably have consumed less overall than if you didn't participate in the exercise. Either way, any event that makes us consider our society and its reliance on consumerism to drive the economy is a very good thing. We are in dire need of a re-think of the whole system.

I hope you took the bus, walked, or biked to return that stuff Temple. Otherwise, I think you'd have to reassess your self-assessment and lose the warm, fuzzy glow if you were to be honest and accurate. :-) Consumption is about far more than not buying "stuff".

Hey, or we can all go minimalist like the Artist Formerly Known As Jane Siberry, aka Issa.


Temple, Stump and Mort, y'all make good points. Why encourage people not to spend when the point is to not over consume? and Isn't this just another easy token gesture that makes little impact kind of like email petitions, another form of 'slacktivism'?

I think its a consciousness-raising thing, (as you guys have hinted at already) idea being to present a counterpoint to the TV exhorting us all, Hey Lets Go Shopping which comes to a crescendo in this season. Kind of like, Hey Let's Not, and Chill Out..

Because, hypothetically, isn't it another slacker thing to do, just do what the TV says, buy something to fill the (artificial) want/emptiness inside us or to obtain someone's love/approval? It's much tougher to address that void directly or to creatively express one's love without buying something... Not saying we have to get all Issa and all but there's got to be some balancing out for the good of us all... This is what we want people to consider when we say hey, it's buy nothing day.

jeez what's this getting deep (sort of) on a Friday...? where's my beer and remote control?

Anybody else get a dividend cheque from MEC today? Sixty-seven dollars! Woohoo. Of course, I'll probably end up putting it right back into their till! LOL.

MEC for Finance Minister!

this short film pretty much sums it up. See it and share it at the link below.. Here is a promo blurb :

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