Hey mO ... Yale Alumni?

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mO, I'd ask you this in person the next time you jump on my back... but the excitement of that, plus the simple fact that I'm old and my memory (the second thing) has gone, I'll forget to ask you...

You didn't by chance go to Yale HS in '04, did you?

mO By mO

Hey Mort. Nope, but I did graduate in '04. Just from McRoberts Secondary, that's all. That's in Richmond. :)

Why do you ask?

Ah okay. I was looking through a few pictures from the 2004 HS Finals in the issue of the UPA magazine highlighting the Yale ladies that kicked a$$ that year and thought one of the ladies on the team looked a lot like you, except a few years more naive.

I suppose my thinking of them as "ladies" should've tipped me off! ;p

... carry on.

mO By mO

excccccccuse me? you don't think i'm a lady? i'm a lady you know! it's true...i was in a beauty pageant once :) is that confirmation enuff?

I'm sure you can find a beauty pageant with just about any entry requirements you can think of. So no, I don't think that's confirmation enough. ;)

Oh, I didn't mean "lady" as in female. I have little doubt that you're that.

How to explain this... while I'm male, people often confuse me with a gentleman...

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haha ur not a gentleman!!! and gin-boh....so mean!!! hve YOU been in a beauty pageant? im sure u can find one that'll take u :P