Hockey: Congratz for the first two wins Canucks

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Yeah! Hockey has started again!

Northwest Division is shapping up. The competition is stiff and scary. *Shiver*

Death Valley: Calgary/Edmonton [3-1 (Oilers)/2-1 (Flames)]

The Canucks are looking pretty solid too. Vancouver Beats Detroit (3-1), and goes on to beat Columbus (3-2).

Minnesota and Colorado?

Lets see what happens.

The East Coast is shaping up a little too...

The Canadians give a good fight to the Sabres [4-3 (Shoot Out) Sabres]... Then goes on the beat Leafs [3-2 (Shoot Out) Canadians].

The Leafs get killed by the Sens (4-1 Senators), and return the favour the next game (5-0 Leafs).

The Sabres strike again and beat the Sens (4-3 Sabres)

This is getting exciting.

CBC/TSN/Sportsnet Rocks!

Go Oilers Go!

BTW: Is it normal to get 58% of your penalties to be hooking? In two games there has been 18/31 hooking penalties between Calgary/Edmonton. 11/19 first game 7/12 the next?

Interesting Note: Edmonton PowerPlay 3/14. Calgary PowerPlay 0/15.

You forgot to note that the oilers are of considerable lesser quality when comparing Calgary and Edmonton.

Small point, but quite important.


I am an Edmonton boy. I cheer for the Oilers.

So far in the Edmonton/Calgary rivalry.

The record between Edmonton/Calgary right now is 1:1. Edmonton has 4 goals [3 + 1 (3 Power Play Goals)]. Calgary has only 3 goals [1 + 2]. I think Edmonton and Calgary right now are on fairly even terms. I think if a team can score goals (and let less goals in), kill penalties, and take advantage of the power play they will be the better team.

man, i would have to agree.. any team that can score goals and let less goals in has a damn good chance at winning!

Regarding the complaint about the high level of hooking penalties, it is logically why the number is so high. Players no longer trip. Most stick work seems to be between the chest and the waist, therefore hooking would be the call. Add to that the actual enforcement of the penalty in the last two years and it is logical that hooking would gain more frequency.

--> .. any team that can score goals and let less goals in has a damn good chance at winning! <--

If only that concept would translate well to Ultimate...

Kudos to Vancouver beating us (Edmonton) 2-1 last night; however, we did return the favour a little.

NorthWest Division still looks pretty good!

Minnesota 10 Points: Where did these boys come from.

Edmonton 8 Points: Second right now.

Vancouver 7 Points: What can you say. I guess that win against the Oilers did come in handy... Congradulations on third place.

Calgary 5 Points: Lost to Montreal.

Colorado 4 Points: Its the Avs...