How about foul calls by OTHERS?

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...By this, I mean, such as your teammates on the sideline, or trailing the play, yelling 'check feet', or "that's a travel!", or call a pick!", that type of thing. I have yet to hear a foul called on someone calling a foul, but it doesn't seem right for just ANYONE to call a foul on a play, unless it's called by the 1-2 opposing players who are directly 'controlling and/or affecting' play at that moment in time when the foul occurs...

For example, Girl 'A' runs into a pick, does SHE have to call it to actually stop play? Or can the captain of Girl 'A' call it for her for it to be an enforceable foul?

Is it defined specifically who is allowed to call an ENFORCEABLE foul?

As a general rule, only the player being fouled can call a foul. Only the person picked can call a pick. Anyone on the field can call a travel. An in/out goes with best perspective.

On a more specific level, the rules state for each violation who may call it (except for travelling - this should maybe be clarified in the 11th edition?)

--> "...yelling 'check feet'..." <--

"Check feet" is *not* a call. Your teammates may be suggesting that you don't throw again because they think you're in the end zone or someone else may think you've caught the disc out of bounds. But they're *not* making a call that you *need* to acknowledge. Please everyone remember that... and if they then suggest you didn't do the right thing when they yelled it but rather played on, please calmly suggest to them that it's not a call and you weren't required to do anything after hearing it.

--> " ENFORCEABLE foul..." <--

To reduce confusion, a foul is a foul, and a foul that's then called is a foul that's been called. Unless it's an "enforceable" foul, in which case... oh wait, it's the same as the rest of the fouls.

I'm not sure what you're trying to say by using this word, but I don't think it's in the common vocabulary of discussing rules. And if you mean it the way I think you do, it's unnecessary.



A foul can only be called by the player who has been fouled and must be announced by loudly calling out the word "Foul!" immediately after the foul has occurred.



A violation may be called by any player who recognizes that a violation has occurred, unless specified differently elsewhere.

Of course, a "player" is defined as one of the 14 people on the field. Not somebody on the


To answer the question about the pick, it's not absolutely clear, but I'd think that this line in the

pick rule states that only the picked player can call pick.

XVI.K.2.A) the obstructed player must immediately call "Pick" loudly.

Good post by Uncle Buck, that helped define things a bit for me.

...'a foul is a foul, and a foul that's then called is a foul that's been called. Unless it's an "enforceable" foul....'

You're right. Recent over-schooling made me use the wrong word here, "enforceable"...I think I meant, "actual", and the context of my original post should have been if there is some on-field uncertainty as to if there was an out-of-bounds (ie-'check feet!), Or if there was an actual travel, can the guy on the sideline yell/call ANYTHING, whether it's a violation, or a foul, and have it BECOME a violation/foul, no matter what the players involved say/decide?

I guess I wasn't clear.

As you noted in UB's post, only the PLAYER fouled can call a foul, and any PLAYER can call a

violation (generally).

And we know from the next post that a PLAYER is one of the 14 people on the field, not

somebody on the sideline.


Nobody on the sideline, or not actively playing the point, can make any Call. They can shout

whatever they want, but it's not a Call and has no effect on play.

If somebody on the sideline is yelling Foul or Pick, that would be pretty unspirited as it would

cause play to stop, even though it shouldn't.

The exception being dangerous play, which can be called by any player on the field.

... and I believe injury and dangerous equipment time outs.

Sigh, hence the (generally) appended the the sentence.

The salient point is that the sideline cannot make a Call.

BTW, CT, I wasn't trying to correct you at all... I knew exactly what you meant. 'yeah, I know... so unlike me ;p'

Since it was brought up though, I needed to make sure people didn't start thinking that was the *only* exception.