How can teams not have cones for the fields?

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My teams have played a few teams this season who claim that they do not have cones. I know that sometimes the person with the cones just couldn't make it to the game or what not but I think the team should at least manage the cones like players and try and make sure the team cones are at the games.

I think its stupid that the other teams make me look like the bad guy when I want my cones back before their game ends. True if it's near the end of the game, I don't mind waiting a few minutes. But if it's wet and miserable, I just want to go home and get warm.

I think the VUL needs to remind teams in the future that they need to have at minimum of 1 set of cones. I know for my teams, we have 2 sets.

You are no more the bad guy then the person who refuses to let someone who dropped the pull pick it up and start playing! Maybe try selling your cones to the team for $50 on the spot?

But just to be clear, daily rant of the week is against those anal-cone owners who play second and refuse to just trade cones with you because their cones as so special.

All cones are the same, they all work the same.

Pet-peeve #2, making a big deal about turning an endzone cone so the solid point is not up. Yes, I get it, someone could lay out on the cone and get hurt otherwise, but isn't it time to admit that this has never happened?

Even if you tell me it happened to a friend of a friend, I won't believe you.


I heard that Kelly Mah lost a nipple that way...

Nope, it was almost bitten off by a She-Male prostitute who had extreamly pointy breast implants...


I heard it was a snake bite while selling pyramid paperweights in Giza.

Right...I never should have believed that Kelly Mah lost a nipple playing ultimate. Everyone knows he doesn't lay out anymore.