How to waiver new consent form.

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Don't know how to waiver or find the consent form in the new website.

Can someone help? Thanks.


On the new website, the Consent Agreement is part of your profile. It's not a separate page like this site.

- When you create a new account, you're asked if you want to play ultimate in the VUL (or just create a guest account). If you say Yes, you'll be prompted to agree to the Spirit Agreement and Statement of Consent at the bottom of the page.

- If you already have an account, if & when you receive an invite to join a team, if you haven't signed the Consent yet this year, you'll be prompted to do so as part of accepting that invite.

We no longer require consent for every single league -- it will be just be on an annual basis now.


Where do you find the invite on your profile? i can't seem to find it...



Invites to join a team's roster do not show up in your profile yet. You should have received an invite email from your captain. If you didn't, ask them to send it again. A problem was fixed on April 26 that may have prevented invites sent before that from getting through.

There are also some tips for invites on the Help page on the new site:


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