Human Powered Speed Challenge 2008

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Hi Ulty players:

I'm travelling to Battle Mountain, Nevada to follow the attempt by B.C. residents Sam Whittingham and Georgi Georgiev to capture the $25,000 deciMach prize for the first human-powered vehicle to exceed one-tenth the speed of sound (82 mph at 4000 ft of altitude). I'll be reporting on the event with updates from my blog (linked below) and invite you to check it out and cheer on our local guys as they attempt to make some self-propelled history!

Hi y'all!

Back from the USA with good news. Sam Whittingham rode the Varna Diablo III to a top speed of 82.3 mph last Friday to set a new world record and claim the deciMach prize. You ain't seen nothing till you've seen a fully-faired recumbent bike go past you at 80-plus miles an hour!

A wrap-up of the event and my pedal-powered (mostly) trip coming soon at

The national do not call registry launched today. A link to it and two other ways to reduce telemarketers' intrusions outlined on my blog. I hope folks find it useful.