Hungry Like The Wolf?

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A friend of friend may have two tickets to Duran


Email me if interested and I will forward your

email to him

I do not know what price he is selling them for.

Do you know if your friend still has the tickets?! I may have a buyer.

I think so.. I will check this evening and get back to you.


Why does this sound suspiciously like people trying to stay arm's length away from being Duran Duran fans?

No arm's length here.

I already have my DD tickets.

Just helping out a friend of friend who can't make it over from the Island to see em.

Now if could only get my hands on some U2 tickets... that show sold out in 12min!

The MILF's and cougars at my work are just agog over this show. Let us know if these tix are gone, cuz if they're not I might be able to find a buyer as well.

The tickets have been sold.

But GM Place has opened up more seats for sale.