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Here's the scenario:

The disc is put into the air. The Defender gets to the disc first and establishes position on the disc such that they have their hand on the disc. Basically right in front and the disc is right above them. The Offensive person is behind the defender. They both go into the air and their is a collision. The offensive person hits the defender from behind.

Who is at fault?

Generally the person initiating the contact is guilty of a foul.

It doesn't matter whether the disc is caught by the O, D, or if it was dropped by both. If you get

rammed from behind, it's most likely a foul.

Jon By Jon

Craig, it's really not fun when you pitch them right over the plate like that.

Right, sorry, I should make it a little harder for you. Though it still would have been funny:

"Most likely a foul, but for Craig it's just Friday night."