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Scenario: injury sub called (defensive team's player), thrower and receiver are not affected by the call, as they don't hear it, and turn the disc over, after the injury call.

Injury subs are supposed to be retroactive to the time of the injury (unless the player tries to play on), so by the rule the disc should go back to the thrower. However, as the play was not affected by the injury call, does it not make far more sense for the outcome of the play to stand? It hardly seems fair for the offence to get a do-over on a thrown away disc. Perhaps the continuation rule should also apply to an injury, unless the injured player was in on the play?

I agree it doesn't make much sense, and I'd agree with a proposed change where, if the injury
didn't affect play, the play should stand, but not exactly the way the Continuation Rule works.

After you hear a regular call, you are supposed to continue playing. If you stop play because of
the call, that cannot be said to have affected the play under the Continuation Rule. I wouldn't
want that after an injury. I'd want to make sure that when you hear injury, you stop.

As a result, the conditions surrounding the injury which could be said to affect play could be very
broad. Perhaps the disc would most often wind up going back to the thrower either way.

Seems reasonable, and I'd agree that using the Continuation Rule might not be the best route. But the way that the rules have been modified, especially with the 11th edition, to treat the play as if the foul/violation/whatever had not happened, seems to imply that something similar should be used in a situation when an injury does not affect the play.