Injury time outs

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I was reading the 11th edition draft, and noticed section VI C 7. (which is the same in the 10th as VI C 6)

"Any player may call an injury time-out for a player who is bleeding or has an exposed open wound"

I also noticed VI C 1

"Any player on the injured player's team may call an injury time-out"

Playing devil's advocate, does this mean if an opposing player trips and knocks herself unconscience, and nobody notices her (e.g. because everyone else is down the field), I can't call an injury time-out? Common sense say otherwise, but potential heartless rule sticklers may exist.

That's right, you can't.

But who cares what happens in the game? You're going to stop playing and get help.

This is a situation where what the rules say isn't going

to matter at all.