Intercepted OB Disc Placed on Sideline

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The other night a defender intercepted a pass by catching the disc while out of bounds. She then walked it to the sideline and placed the disc down so that her teammate could handle. No call was made at the time but I believe it should have been a turnover. Various veteran players on my team either disagreed with me or weren't sure so I'm looking for any other opinions.


That D-man bacame the thrower as soon as they caught it (regardles of OB/IB, possession of a disc is not affected by OB/IB)

XIII.D.5) A defensive player who establishes possession of the disc becomes the thrower, but may not throw the disc before establishing a legal pivot. To do so is a traveling violation.

Placing the disc on the ground is no different than dropping it.

XII.A)An incomplete, intercepted, or knocked down pass, or a pass in which the disc becomes out-of-bounds, results in a change of the team in possession. If a disc in play is dropped by the thrower without defensive interference, and it contacts the ground before the thrower regains possession, it is considered an incomplete pass.

Therefore, it sounds like a turnover to me.

Though it's probably best to talk to the person that did this, as they may not have understood the rule. If this was the case, that D-man should have retained the disc.