Is a single-header to 17?

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We play on Thursday nights, normally 2 games to 13 points. Tonight we have a single game. I think the game should be to 13 points like normal but another team member thinks it should be to 17.

What's the standard rule? Is this something the teams captains can decide on? Ie. If it's nice out and we decide to play to 17, that's ok?

Games are to 17 points with a point cap at 19.

If one team is late, the trigger times for awarding points are 30 minutes and 45 minutes after the scheduled start time (i.e. 7:00pm and 7:15pm in summer), with a default occurring after 60 minutes (i.e. 7:30pm in the summer).

All games are soft-capped after 135 minutes (i.e. 8:45pm in the summer).

Huh, that's funny that of the 7 games we are playing this round, 6 games would be to 13 and 1 would be to 17.

Thanks for letting me know.

Oh, well, if you're playing in the regular division, that's probably not accurate. Those rules pertain to single-header "divisions." Sorry -- I wasn't thinking clearly.

For the regular divisions (i.e. everyone except the Single-Header Division on Monday nights), we should probably add something to the website to explain your options.

For weeks where you only have one game:

1. If your game starts at 6:00pm, that means there's will be new teams arriving at 7:30pm to play, so regular rules apply (game to 13) and you'll need to clear the field by 7:30. If your single game starts at 7:30, you need to finish by 9pm, obviously. This only happens on Thursday this summer, and only on some weeks, because fields are tight that night.

2. If your game starts at 6:30pm, it means you're the only teams playing at that field, so the captains get to decide what to do. The default is game to 13, but if both captains agree you can play to a higher score like 17, as long as you adhere to the 9:00pm stop time (i.e. softcap and hardcap rules still apply). We need to adhere to our permits, be mindful of neighbours.

3. If your game starts at 7:00pm, it means you're at a synthetic turf field, and it could be option 1 or 2. You'll need to check if anyone else is scheduled at that field at 8:30 to see if you need to clear by then (use the calendar tab, and click in the green block for your night). If not, you can play a longer game, if both captains agree.