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Needed...someone who knows something about Hotmail! I'm having some problems with my account (won't display any icons, so I can't send messages etc.). I'm too technologically challenged to figure this out (and too frustrated to spend more time trying)!!! Help?

K By K

Dani Conrad? Might be a browser problem, but going to need a more detailed description to be of any help. Do you see any images at all, or all text? You might be able to send without seeing the send button, just click in the To: field, press shift-tab twice, then enter. Not really a long-term solution though.

mO By mO

erm, what i do is i just press stop on my browser window once its loaded about halfway. it should still send mail, and you just kinda gotta guess which buttons are which. best of luck.

Yes, mysterious "K"...Dani Conrad!

Well, it's odd...the folders etc. on the left side don't line up, each button (send etc.) won't show the picture, and then when I hit send, it changes all my text (my message) into one line of junk and sends it. I do have another hotmail account which is working, so I'm not sure what's happened here! Also, it shows that it's still loading the page (ie.36 items left) but never finishes. Help!

K By K

Hey Dani I emailed you...I assume you can still read incoming emails. If not, just email me through the VUL forum with the email link below.


I am having the exact same problem. I hear ya. If you figure it out, I'd love to know the magic words to fix it.

Amy By Amy

i am also having that problem...damn hotmail!


The reason it wasn't working is because they were upping their limit from 25MB of space to 250MB of space per account. It is working fine now, for me at least.

The mysterious "K" came over (it turns out that I know him -- no, I didn't let a complete stranger come by!)....not sure what he did, but it's working now! Could be coincidental timing, or it could be that he's a computer whiz!