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Jebus wept, what are the odds two of us would post a minute apart at 4am?

I'm interested.

wow im late, i almost forgot all about this thing, yeah i understand the tangentness of your post helped keep it on top but it was still non the less annoying : ( and thanks rob i think i'll do that and just build it up from people i know but the thing is i don't know enough gay people to make a team , thus is revieled the reason i posted on here, maybe i'll infultrate an already gay sports club in vancouver ( which there are) and steal some people heheheheheh so yeah it would be easier to get gay people who play ultimate already then trying to like steal them and plus i dont' know lots of gay people, gah maybe i'll just run up and down davie street and find people. ANd ahah lol "a queer power team" i donno that just cracked me up.