LOST - Runners at Trafalgar O (wed may 17)

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Hey everyone,

Just wondering if anyone picked up a pair of white runners at Trafalgar O this past wednesday.

They're size 12 and kinda dirtied down from use. The fabric under one of the side Adidas stripes is starting to poke out (I think it's the front most stripe on the inside of the left shoe).

If anyone picked them up or knows where to find them, please let me know. =)



I found a pair of adidas white runner last Wednesday but it was at Memorial O. They are size 11 1/2 and it's not really dirty, and they don't look too old to me - no striples poking out. So I am not sure whether it is yours. Let me know.


Hey there,

Do you think you might be able to take a picture of them?

I can't quite remember if it was Trafalgar or Memorial... whichever one is down off 41st Ave.

My e-mail is ngeraedts at gmail dot com.