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Hey all,

someone accidently took my black gaia ultimate bag (with the disc slot) from field eight at flowerbowl (UBC). It was last seen before the game against Bosley's girls. The things inside are really important to me. Please call 604-733-8833 if you know where it is. Thanks!

there will be a reward if my bag is found along with everything inside. Please!

Special thanks to John Hallen of UBC for finding my bag at the thunder stadium and Jeff malmgren for notifying me. Even though my bag was found, my wallet, camera, rechargeable batteries for both my camera and phone were stolen.

to the person who took my stuff >> I dont care if you take my money but please do at least return my wallet with my IDs

John and Jeff, thanks again

Tiff, sorry to hear your stuff got nicked. This is a good reminder to the rest of us to be careful leaving stuff on the sidelines.

it's also probably a good idea for all of us to get a bag tag with our name/team on it to ease lost 'n found issues and a big scarf or something to tie to one's Gaia bag to differentiate it from all the others on the sideline.

good luck