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So I need advice on this issue.

I live in an apartment building. With said apartment comes a parking stall. Now, I ventured outside the other day to find that the City of Vancouver was cutting down the trees in said parking lot. I park right by these trees that they are cutting down. Now, on either side of my car are signs that say "No Parking 7am-4pm". There's not one in my stall.

Now my question is: If I don't move it, do they have the right to tow my car?

They way I see it: They don't, because my landlord did not inform me in any way that I would have to inconvenience myself and move my vehicle. He did not call, he did not write, he did not leave me notice. I just happened to walk outside one day and see these signs.

So, if they tow my car, can I bitch about that? I know you would all say: Just move your car. But it's really far to repark on the street, I have to walk like 2 blocks!!!


Common sense answer:

If they're cutting down trees right next to your car and the two spots on either side of you say

no parking, then I'd think that having

your car towed might be the least of your worries.

Ditto to Temple, and secondarily, I doubt that you'll find much valuable in the way of legal advice here, but if I might offer my experience in a related area:

Whether or not you're legally right/entitled, the hassle of the fight is not worth it, and you'd never get any real satisfaction. It's not worth it. Like fighting a parking ticket... it would cost you half a day to recover the $25 + tonnes of headaches.

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so.....i should just move my car? but that seems so easy....well, hard considering i have to wake up at 7 am to move it!!!! why?!?! why cant they cut down trees at like 2 pm? why 7 am?

Uh, because all the dirty tree-huggers sleep til noon...

Oh Craig... I almost lost my oatmeal out my nose on *that* comment!

mO... it might suck, but had your landlord given you proper notice, would you then have agreed that moving your car was the right thing to do? ... in which case, I'd suggest it's just simple semantics.

Remember, it'll be a much longer walk to the impound lot to get your car back than a block or two from parking it on the street.

You're not afraid of a little exercise, are you? :)

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excercise sucks. and btw, mort, you post so early!!!!

and the 11th edition actually going to attempt to read. :)