Looking for a couple of girls Monday nights at UBC

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Dan By Dan

This might not be allowed since it's for an Urban Rec team, but what the hey :)

I play on an individual team that could use a few girls if anyone's interested. It's 5 on
5, a lot of fun and the league's full of great people!

Drop me a note if you're interested.


Hey Dan,
I would definitely be interested (I am going to UBC next year and am wondering if this is just for the summer?)
What days do you play?


I live on campus and have some VUL experience and I am a girl! I would
love to play frisbee nearby.

Allow me to hop in and tsk-tsk the originator of this thread for attempting to poach VUL members for his nefarious non-VUL ends. While Urban Rec may well be populated with upstanding humans, it is NOT the VUL offering the same spirit per square inch as the VUL.

You still looking for girls?

I may be able to sub once in a while.


Dan By Dan

Hey Kash,

Sorry I totally forgot about this post. The games are with Urban Rec. I play on an individual team. It's at
7:30pm on Monday nights, 2 50 minute games. We'll be playing every Monday until the end of August, I

Let me know if you're still interested and I'll try to check this more often :)


Dan By Dan

Oh I guess this applies to everyone, but we only need 2 more girls...

Let me know if you're still interested!


Dan By Dan

Oh and Speedo, yeah I'm a bad person :)

If it makes you feel any better, I'll be shifting over to VUL in Sept! :)