Looking for a laid back summer team? Div 6/7, Thur

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Our Thursday team Nor-folk'n Good is looking for you!

We are a fun group of individuals in our mid/late 20s, early 30s. Most of us are
professionals who like to unwind from a hard day's work by doing what we love
the best: Ultimate Frisbee!

Are you new to the city? No problem! Every year we have new players (along
with our returners) and there's plenty of time to get to know each other over a
brew after a hard fought game.

We have a mix of skill levels, from beginner to experienced. Our main goal is
to have fun, and as long as you do your best, we don't care about dropped

So far we have room for a few of either gender. If you're interested, drop me
a line!


Hey Chris,

I'm interested in joining a lower division team for the summer league. This will be my first time in the VUL, but I've played ultimate in the past pretty casually and in school. I'm 24y.o. and male, so let me know if that works at all and if you are still looking. My email address is garrettsbarry@gmail.com



Hey All,

Our roster is pretty much full for guys. We're still looking for 1-2 more girls.
For those who have emailed me, check your inbox if you haven't already.


Hi Chris,

I'm female, 30, totally new to Ultimate, looking to try it out. Maybe drop me a
line with info? mkmreid@gmail.com


Hi Chris,

I am interested in joining a team. My main goal is just to have fun. I just played Ultimate for the first time in the indoor winter league and had a blast. I'm 32, and have always been into sports.
If you still have room my email is gregsmit79@gmail.com


Hi Chris,
This is probably too late already, but do you still have room for a beginner female?

Hey I want to join! name is Graham g.jordan15@gmail.com

Marelle: I've forwarded your email to the captain of the team. He's quite busy
at the moment, but will email you as soon as possible.

Greg & Graham: Sorry, we've got a full roster for guys right now, so
unfortunately we won't be able to fit you in. I'll send you a message if anyone
drops out.

Cindyc: we may have space for one more girl. Send me a message at
csytan@gmail.com and I'll get back to you.