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I have a place off Commercial Drive in East Van and I'm looking for a roomate as of July 1.


Rental 435 p/m + utilities

1 room of 2bdrm main floor of house (ulti players also live upstairs).

washer and dryer

free parking

gas stove

big garden in back yard

and great neighborhood.

The Vibe:

I am a non-smoking (cigarettes), pseudo vegetarian, employed, ulti-player. The place has a great feel. It's not super new, but it has its charms and I love it - hence I'm not leaving it.

I am looking for someone who is interested in living in the hood, is semi-vegeterian, and hopefully easy to get a long with.

If you are that person, please call Dan at 604.488.9710 or email me at ulti_dan@hotmail.com.

Is semi-vegetarian like (to use an old analagy) being sort of pregnant? I always thought you ate meat, or you didn't .... Of course, there are all the flavours of vegetarianism.