Lost: New Balance Cleats at Andy Livingstone Jan24

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I left I pair of New Balance cleats at Andy Livingstone after the late game (9-11 pm). They're size 12 or 13, have crinkled laces, red footbeds, and orthotics underneath the footbeds. They were left in the middle of the East field. Please let me know if you found them.

I think someone on our team picked them up. I'll get them to contact you if they do.

Thanks! That would be awesome! My next game is at Van Tech, but I can swing by Andy Livingstone if you're playing there too.

hi dano

i have your cleats. sorry, been meaning to post all week. i'm playing at vantech tonight as well, and will bring them along. my name is omar, i play on "smells like soup" and you can text or call me this evening at 778.883.7962 to make sure we connect