Lost: Yellow Brick Cone

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... has my email address scrawled on it: seakrait@hotmail.com

Anyone have it, please gimme a shout. Thanks!

-jeremy (the good one)

heh... that email address isn't scrawled right beside a struck out phone number (mO's), would it?


Ha! My cone's brand new! Brand new I tells ya! Not that old yellow one that mO's been pining for. :P

But yeah, doncha just hate it when things go missing for no good reason? :P

Oh I'm not so sure that mO's cone went missing for 'no good reason'. Perhaps it had run off to make the arrangements in anticipation of the future arrival of its soul mate. And now *your* cone is away on a romantic interlude with *hers*.

Of course, the fact that the energy of her undying love for you had gone into her cone, and yours for her into yours is probably just coincidental to the loss of your cones.

In case anyone's curious, the weather's brutally cold here in Cow-town (compared to this thin-blooded Vancouverite's normal perspective, anyway) and clearly my brain is froze.

... carry on.

So what you're saying is... mO's got hots for me? ;) Sweet. The next time I play her, I'll play her.

... well, even in a crooked line, cones never lie. Must be true.

You wish. She's been playing you for months.

mO By mO

woah!! so i get no say in this?!?!

my cone is lost.....but its not carrying my undying love for you with it!!!

i have no love for you. germsy does...didn't he tell you? he's had the hots for you for ever!!

Oh, he knows. Why do you think he skipped town?

Ah, open denial and deflection. The first sign.

She's definitely in love.

You said it Mort. I now wait for her next advance with bated breath.

mO By mO

*mumbles mumbles* i hate you!!! *cough*

is this, by any chance, when "no" means "yes"? ;)